Forced to postpone our Live event, we have adjusted our course and are excited to announce the Paint a Paddle Online Auction for ALS Canada.

Over 200 one-of-a-kind paddle submissions were donated by our community and are available for auction with 100% of the proceeds dedicated to supporting the Niagara-chapter of ALS Canada.

Visit our Auction website to preview all 216 pieces.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity, bidding runs from November 9 to 15th, 2020!

This super course was developed to explore the most current research and practice-based evidence of periodontal therapy. Together, over 300 dental health professionals united in a common goal, to gain an understanding of the link between periodontal disease and other systemic chronic health conditions, the importance of prevention, and the non-surgical and surgical treatment options used for managing periodontal and peri-implant diseases.


While the course has completed, stay close for updates on an online version of each lecture in the series.


Important Information for all Lectures:

All lectures in the series will be hosted in Room AH 141.
There is free parking throughout the Niagara College, Welland Campus after 5pm.
Please arrive in time to register, enjoy our refreshments, and take your seat.

Thank you! Thank you!

When the concept of Base Camp: 12 Cutting Edge Updates in Periodontics was first dreamt up in the summer of 2018, even this reality was never expected!

We have so many people to thank for having made Base Camp the success that it was.

To begin, we thank you (yes, you!) Your loyalty, attendance, and commitment to our series was the driving force in making each and every lecture as special and as memorable as it was.

Secondly, this series would have never been made possible with our devoted relationship with Niagara College.  A special thanks goes to Carolyn Triemstra, Dean, Community and Health Studies.  When we first approached Carolyn with the idea for Base Camp, she built bridges to connect the path between our dreams and the current reality.  An extended thank you goes out to Leeza Dougherty, Jeannette Kulik, and the Dental Faculty of Niagara College for their support, their promotion, and their elbow grease.

Integral in the success of this series were our sponsorsOnly with the help of HANSAmed, Hu-Friedy, Henry Schein, Crest & Oral-B, Nobel, Dentsply Sirona, and Rotsaert Labs were we able to host such a cutting-edge series with the gems that we did.  Thank you for your reliable partnership and support.

Lastly, a heartfelt thank you goes out to our team members (both past and present) for each of their individual contributions. Our supporting cast is the only thing that makes us shine – without them, we would still be on the starting mat.

Linda, Donna, Taylor, Luisa, and Angie – We called on your expertise and you rose to every occasion, thank you!

Kelsey, Jodie, Assunta, Cathy, and Colleen – Without the need to ask, each of you knew where your help was needed most.  For managing registration and our Paint a Paddle initiative with a smile, thank you!

Roxanne, Michele, Deidre, and Candice – For answering my panicked calls when I forgot this or didn’t have that, thank you for always coming to my rescue!

Debbie, Sydni, Carla, Sandy, and Lucas – For sticking around to the bitter end to make clean-up a breeze even when you have important ones waiting patiently for you at home, thank you!

Though the world around us is different now, we wouldn’t have reached The Final Ascent without Sensing and Responding, Learning and Adapting. Base Camp 2.0 is no exception!

We are planning for a large virtual splash with Base Camp 2.0! Stay tuned to our social media for clues to the next Ascent we will make together in Fall 2020.

Until that time, be safe and be kind.

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