Dr. Peter C. Fritz Periodontal Wellness & Implant Surgery, 165 Highway 20 W, Fonthill



Bring your instruments and your sharpening stones for a 2-hour workshop where we can swap tips and tricks in instrument sharpening in a relaxing and open environment.

Hosted after hours at the office of Dr. Peter Fritz, join us for an intimate workshop and go home with sharp instruments ready for tomorrow’s first patient!

Only 12 spaces available per evening.

Learning Objectives:

  • List the benefits achieved when utilizing scalers and curettes with sharpcutting edges,
  • Distinguish a “dull” cutting edge from a “sharp” edge,
  • Characterize the Arkansas Stone, the India Stone, and the Ceramic Stone according to shape, abrasive grit size, preferred lubricant,
  • Describe how the traditional “degrees of angulation” correspond with the clock positions,
  • Identify the essential grasp of both instrument and the sharpening stone as defined in this technique,
  • Describe the sharpening procedure for Sickle Scalers, Universal Curettes, and Gracey Curettes,
  • Define the procedure for determining when a “sharpened” blade actually is sharp
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